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About WJtoBuy.com

WJtoBuy.com(a.k.a. LAtoBuy.com) is owned and operated by the World Journal Los Angeles, LLC(世界日報洛杉磯社)。Since 1976, World Journal has been one of the leading Chinese newspapers in North America, its daily issues reach every major city in North America that has Chinese readers and its electronic version, www.worldjournal.com, is browsed by tens and thousands in Asia and other parts of the world. World Journal Los Angeles, LLC has been the leading Chinese newspaper in Southern California and neighboring states.

Launched in December, 2010, WJtoBuy.com is proud to be the most comprehensive website of Chinese books and gifts in North America. This new center of information is user friendly and is beautifully designed. It is aimed at preserving Chinese culture and promoting the Chinese language. Visitors can easily find information of more than 10,000 selected Chinese books and magazines published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, and the listing is constantly updated.

Our unique collection of Chinese gifts and souvenirs consists of many replicas authorized and provided by the world famous National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, where the massive as well as priceless art and historical treasure is housed. These items are made in high quality at reasonable prices, not available at other websites. For every piece of them, there is an original in the great collection at the National Palace Museum. Visitors can place orders with a few clicks and delivery will be made in a few days.

To all of you, from all of us at WJtoBuy.com - Thank you and happy shopping!!